Actual SEO strategies and trends in 2019

2018 was a big year for SEO and digital marketing, with new trends, updates and tools that helped streamline methods and strategies and improve overall performance. This has helped raise SEO to a new level, leaving more room for growth in the near future.

Such companies as Google always seek to improve their search services, so you need to keep up with the times and meet all requirements. Here are some SEO strategies and trends that are likely to be leading in the near future.

Growing interest in voice search

In the past few years, voice search has become an increasingly important element of online search, as AI assistants and advanced voice recognition software have helped it to move forward. Thanks to a convenient and accurate voice search, users can search for instant results, especially for exact search queries based on questions.

Helpers such as Siri and Google Assistant helped to make voice search viable, along with the expansion of its functions outside the search and the ability to automate more tasks. More and more search engines and companies are seeking to take advantage of it and follow this trend, and in 2019 voice search will become more common. When it comes to optimizing your strategy, increased attention to exact search terms and long keywords will be very useful when generating more traffic to your website.

Social media and live streams

Since the appearance of the live stream feature in social networks like Facebook , Twitter and Instagram , the number of users and brands using it has increased exponentially. Along with social network platforms , streaming sites such as Twitch and YouTube have added new features that allow users to interact and create a more social atmosphere.

Thanks to improved Internet speed worldwide, users now have the ability to have live steams anywhere, allowing them to cover various events in real time, as well as be able to instantly interact with the audience. These are the components that make a successful live stream in social networks. More and more users are streaming videos about events such as sports, podcasts, and even video games — another digital marketing technique that more brands need to take advantage of.


Chat-bots become more frequent on the different pages on social networks and on the company website. Since they are easy to use and have integration, chat robots provide a round-the-clock service, ensuring that messages can receive a quick and detailed response to their requests.

When it comes to SEO and digital marketing, the use of AI technology provides greater website automation, guiding users and allowing them to navigate your website and even redirect them to the buyer's page that leads to conversions.

Authentic and quality content

The latest updates of the algorithm ensure that only high-quality content will receive a good rating.

Creating authentic and trustworthy content is an important element of a successful SEO strategy, and using the right tools and targeting the right market allows the site to receive significant traffic. Content should always be informative and useful for users and contain the right keywords that will give them access to the specified content. Due to the fact that voice search is becoming increasingly relevant, creating content that answers the “how?” questions and instructions is now becoming more relevant and most often appears on the first page of Google search results.

SEO industry is constantly changing, so you always need to be one step ahead and implement new strategies and methods for the development and further website optimization.