Development of the website header

Creating a great website header design is very important, because this is the first place your visitors will pay attention to in order to decide whether or not your site can really be useful for their needs. Given this, the header design should be very attractive, allowing the visitor to easily manage your website.

A header is a bar at the top of a webpage with a large title and logo. It usually stores basic general information about a website, such as site navigation and contact information. When visitors click on your webpage, you have about 6 seconds to tell them who you are. The title is intended to share your professional identity and give viewers the opportunity to see what you are advertising, what services you offer or what products you sell.

The header design will also help your Internet users navigate the site with confidence. Well-placed and carefully planned web headers will help increase your conversion rate.

What does the title of the website have?

Website headers share with the visitors a variety of information, including:

  1. Corporate style: your company logo, colors, font, slogan or image. This will help your viewers know that they have come to the right place.
  2. Contact information: your email address, location, or phone number so your viewers can get in touch with you.
  3. Contact links: can be divided into different sections or page headings.
  4. Language options: if you are applying to the international market.
  5. Links to social network accounts: they give your visitors the opportunity to contact you directly and find out the latest information.
  6. Subscription field: Your viewers can share their contact information and become part of the mailing list. It helps them stay up to date with your latest products or services.
  7. Search button: helps viewers access relevant information.
  8. Links to free trials or product samples. Visitors can get coupons for the first purchase, use the free trial product or download a free sample of the e-book from your site.

Although there are many different ideas for titling that can be used to exchange information with viewers, your goal is to make the design of your website header simple and smooth.

No need to overload the header with too much information. If you want to create a terrific website, don’t clam the header.

The webpage header is a great opportunity to attract the attention of viewers. Design a cool title, and you'll create a great first impression.

What do designers use most often?

  1. Pictures with emotionally memorable images. Well-chosen images will always attract your viewer.
  2. Sliders: place a few meaningful images that will help create a beautiful site and convey your message.
  3. Video backgrounds: a new idea for website headers that are very effective.
  4. Often, one of the undervalued design elements is the excellent typography that creates first-class webpage headers.
  5. If you develop an e-commerce website by placing products in a favorable position, you will attract viewers. Use products to create great website designs. Show viewers your best deals or new products in the header of the webpage.

Each element of the site is a strategically important component in the design of the layout, and requires an individual approach. High-quality header design helps to make a positive first impression, and keep visitors to explore the content.