The project on the site of the restaurant Khayyam

Our company has completed another project of development of a website for the Persian cuisine restaurant Khayyam. The whole dialogue in the production process was at the highest level, since we have been with the client for more than 4 years and understand each other very well.

This time we were approached by Reza, the restaurateur of the Persian cuisine, who very successfully promotes several restaurants, a hotel and a pizzeria on the Kyiv market. The client created a positive impression for the whole process of cooperation and we gladly agreed on a meeting to discuss the details.

Having visited the restaurant for the first time, we were impressed by the detailing of the interior in the oriental style. All the beauty was expressed in detail .. The restaurant had a concept of the Persian philosopher Omar Khayyam. He, incidentally, owns a quote: You better starve, than eat whatever - which confirms the quality of the dishes of this establishment.

Reza and I have constructively discussed the whole concept of his establishment, the advantages of geo-location and the uniqueness of the dishes, analyzed the TA (the target audience), discussed the availability of certain components for the future development of site content and in the end we shook hands. Terms, budget and other conditions were accepted by both parties and almost without any negotiations!

After the preliminary analysis of the market for restaurants in Kiev was made, we determined what the future semantic core of the site will be (on what thematic queries it should come up in search engines) and what page structure should be the most optimal for correct perception by visitors. Having agreed upon the concept of design, we offered the client a layout of the main page, having hit the mark from the first time. The content filling stage could be perceived as a routine (but we have covered it and agreed in advance for the convenient form of preparation of the material). As a result, our team coped with the task in less time, not the way it was initially planned.

Interesting were the stages of creating WOW-effects, which offer the site more life and attract the attention of visitors more effectively. Animation does its job, and attention is concentrated on certain accents. The site has become more modern, interesting and impressionable.

After making a number of edits and improvements, our programmers finished testing the functionality and we proudly launched the project on the Internet. The domain was registered by, which turned out to be a very bold, but justified decision. Intuitively understandable will be the analogue of the domain (from it we will set the redirection in case the visitors get confused).

The issue with hosting didn’t represent any challenge. The site is hosted on our servers, which the client is very comfortable with and he will always be able to sleep peacefully, without being concerned about the stability of the site, the availability of backup copies and protection from viruses. The whole range of these services our company offers at loyal rates, more profitable than the leading companies in this area.

So the project is done, the champagne is drunk, now it remains to monitor the traffic data, test the contextual advertising, run SEO (search engine optimization), and to increase the site traffic to the target customers.

Thank you very much to our customers who remember us, appreciate and recommend to their colleagues in the quality of a model company.

Please, contact us! We have always been and remain grateful for cooperation with business customers who understand the value of re-branding their products and set their tasks for our company in a comprehensive way.

Call, write, ask - we will be glad to promote your product in the market!