The Best Site is happy to offer you website advertising in Google and (contextual advertising and pay per click advertising).

The goal is to link your website with customers by means of advertising.
The solution is to create a Google advertisement by search queries (keywords) that your client will type in the search bar.

Contextual advertising (pay-per-click advertising) is a website advertising given as an «ad» banner and when the user clicks on it, he is redirected to your website. The payment is charged once the user clicks on the «ad». The «ad» is displayed under the selected keywords. The «Ad» icon means this is an advertisement.

Stages, timeframes and prices

Stages, timeframes and prices
1. Ad setting

(1 group of requests)

2-3 days

Min. 60$/the budget of test cost

At this stage we create an ad, select the target audience of the client, define the semantic core (relevant keywords), credit the client’s balance on the test budget, setup the price per click, the cost restrictions for 1 day, etc. As a result, the «ad» is launched for a test period (we recommend for at least 2 weeks). The test budget is evenly distributed for this period. After the test we will be able to see a report on the effectiveness of the campaign. Further advertising may be controlled by the client or by us.
Advertising configured and activated. You will already be receiving requests and calls. In the end we will get the performance statistics.
2. Advertising optimization

(for client's goals)

2 days

90$/own adv. optimization
Min. 120$/other company adv. optimization
Min. 60$/the budget of test cost

At the next stage, we can optimize advertising for the client’s goals:
- increase the list of words;
- increase the number of calls;
- keep the most effective words;
- reduce the budget;
- reduce the cost of clicks;
- improve the effectiveness of the entire campaign;
Optimized customization for the client’s goals, which is up-to-date on the market
3. Media Advertising


Creating banners - 2-3 days
Campaign Setup - 2 days

40$/creating banners
Min. 60$/the budget of test cost

The next step would be effective to use media advertising. It is aimed at visitors who click on an «ad» and were redirected to your website, but have not placed any order. For this remarketing, has been invented. Customers who have left your website and went and went to other resources will see your banner «ad» as a reminder to return to your website again. We will draw banners and set up a campaign to publish them on the websites visited by your clients. Such advertising is cheaper and works just as efficiently as a regular ad.
Most of your former visitors will return to your website and probably make requests
4. AB testing

(choosing the most effective solution)

2-3 days

Min. 60$/the budget of test cost

We adjust several different «ad» groups to select the most effective ones. Ads will differ either by inquiries, or headlines, or by mini-descriptions, or prices per click, by the audience, etc. After parallel running the ads for the trial period, you can collect statistics and choose the most appropriate one to launch it for a higher budget.
Determine the best company settings in real time


website advertising

What influences the advertising efficiency?

To determine the advertising efficiency, you must first understand the complete process of attracting a client through a search engine. You can divide it into several steps:

  1. Keyword query in the search bar;
  2. Display a list of advertisements and regular links, ranked by a search engine;
  3. If the «ad» or link is interesting to the user, he is redirected by the «ad» (link) to the website with the offer;
  4. If the offer on the website is clear and understandable and the visitor finds the offer conditions favorable - he can a call or just place an order at once.

Thus, you can conditionally divide the entire interaction chain between you and the client in the conversion scheme shown below:

As you can see in the diagram, only few people out of the total number of interested customers placed an order. In order to maximize the number of people who would visit your website, you need to properly configure the «ad» itself. For this you need to have real experience and an understanding of efficiency in the following matters:

  • The quality of «ad» title;
  • The quality of «ad» description;
  • Correctly selected target audience and its segments;
  • Correctly selected list of keywords;
  • Correctly worked out list of negative keywords;
  • Ad display schedule;
  • Setting the cost per clicks and spending limits;
  • Understanding statistics and work on the setting optimization;

In the next two steps, it is important to meet customer’s expectations with a well-designed offer on the website. For this you need to develop an effective website. If you need a website, we will be happy to develop taking into account your goals and specificity.

The result of the advertising will be shown in the Adwords system report. It looks like this:

The first column contains a list of key phrases. The second column is the limit price per click. Then we see the clicks on the ad, displays, the ratio between clicks to displays (CTR), the average price per click, the total costs for a keyword phrase. Based on statistics, you can change the price per click, disable current or add new key phrases, change «ad» parameters, test segments of the target audience. Our company can do all this.

Economic effect

The advertising economic effect can be calculated through the ratio of the average bill, which brings 1 client to the average cost of advertising to attract 1 client. After doing some math, this will be seen after receiving statistics on advertising costs and recording the number of requests made through the website. If advertising is well optimized, you can always scale the budget and increase number of requests (applications).

Get a consultation

a consultation on
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Our company has extensive experience in advertising websites. Today we offer the most correct approach based on our experience:

  1. Analysis (audit):
    - company´s activity, key features, benefits;
    - current and average demand for goods or customer services in search engines;
    - the level of competition in the market, the nearest competitors.
  2. Generation of semantic core (keywords):
    - selection of suitable keywords related to the company´s activity;
    - assessment of the frequency of keywords and their current competition;
    - splitting keywords into groups and landing pages;
    - selection of suitable requests with regard to the chosen promotion budget.
  3. Advertising setup. This is a chain of actions to launch an «ad» for selected key requests and receive first calls and applications:
    - customize selected keywords;
    - set up negative keywords;
    - setting the target audience;
    - customize the title and «ad» text;
    - schedule setup;
    - budget setup;
    - setting restrictions;
    - setting rules.
  4. Test period of an ad. The test period is set individually to collect statistics on displays, clicks, expenses and calls.
    - temporary advertising (we recommend it for at least 2 weeks);
    - statistics analysis;
    - making up decision to optimize advertising in order to reach maximum effect.
  5. Efficiency analysis of the results. Optimization:
    - choose optimization method for advertising based on the client’s wishes;
    - A/B testing under different «ad» settings (different audience segments, advertisements, prices per click, restrictions, schedule, etc.);
    - collecting statistics, choosing the best option;
    - launch the most appropriate advertising setting;
    - increase of budget and sales scaling.

Work on contextual advertising requires professional skills in order to avoid irrational budget costs. Using reasonable approach, you can achieve great result that is profitable for any business. Our company will be happy to set up advertising so that you could start receiving applications and calls. Our experience allows us to move consistently to achieve a justified result.

Who needs website advertising?

Website advertising may is relevant for any website owner (either it is a company or individual), who wishes to increase website traffic. Everyone has his own goals:

- sell goods and services through the website;
- attract visitors and make money on advertising;
- promote and monetize a useful service;
- etc.

- attract new members to your organization;
- promote an information portal with the further plan to sell it;
- attract visitors to the exhibition, festival, meeting;
- etc.

Our company is highly experienced in setting up website advertising and achieving the desired results. We launched quite a lot of advertising campaigns so that our skills and well-developed approach allowed us to meet customer expectations in completely different spheres of their activity.

We value our reputation and do our work so that people recommend us to their colleagues.
Get in touch with us, we will be glad to work with you!

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