The Best Site Company is pleased to offer you the website development of various complexity levels:

  1. Landing page - One-page website
  2. Business card website
  3. Portfolio website
  4. Comprehensive website
  5. Online store
  6. Data portal

Let’s consider the differences and method of use of each type:

SEO use
For the sale of 1 or several products and services that have several advantages comparing to similar products
Consists of 1 page, and comprises many consecutive selling blocks to represent basic information, excluding any nonsense
It doesn’t work for SEO because of a few content (it’s unlikely to be promoted)
Used for a brief introduction of the company (mini-website)
Consists of 5-10 small pages.
Weak for SEO
Used for a visual representation of the client's works (artists, sculptors, photographers, leading events, etc.)
Includes animated photo and video gallery. Designed to visually present the information.
Can work with SEO and without it
Used for an entire presentation of the company, including details and the specifics of its services (goods), as a comprehensive website
Comprises many sections and internal pages for each service with detailed information provided.
Best for SEO
Used for selling a many goods and services
(starting from 10)
Features: product filter, shopping cart or Buy button, order placement pages (delivery methods and payment, address, customer details)
Great for SEO
Used to attract many readers on a particular topic (often applied to make money by means of advertising)
Comprises of a large hierarchy of topics and sections, designed in different blocks, has different rights of managers, it requires a lot of platform work
Good for SEO for selected sections

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Who needs website development?

For both individuals and legal entities who wish to introduce their products and services on the Internet. Everyone sees his own goals:

- sell goods and services;
- attract visitors and make money by means of advertising;
- monetize a useful service;
- etc.

Non commercial::
- properly represent the company on the Internet (include goals and activities, principles, advantages, etc.)
- develop a web portal on a corresponding subject;
- develop an internal closed website for corporate clients;
- etc.

How we work

  1. Drafting. Scheme of blocks development for the entire page; discussion of their necessity, efficiency and consistency following the "Attention > Interest > Desire > Action" principle.
    - Discussion of the structure, changes, choosing the best solution.
    - at this stage you can already understand the final result of the project and will not be bothered, knowing that everything will be as it should.
  2. Design. Development based on an approved page layout. We use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.
    - design style concept development - the upper blocks; there are several options here (colors, elements, icons, fonts, photo bank images, etc.)
    - having selected a design concept, we get ready with the remaining blocks of the page. We make changes until it is approved.
  3. Layout. Turning a design concept into a live page.
    - the most up-to-date technologies are used (html, css, javascript, ajax, php, frameworks). Making changes and getting approval.
    - website customization for phones and tablets (for all screen resolutions, phone models and version specifics of android, ios, etc.)
  4. Control system integration. Admin panel installation.
    - we arrange the admin panel so that you can easily manage a website without having any technical skills.
  5. Content filling.
    - we do the basic content filling of the goods (if there are not more than 20 goods we do the entire filling).
    - SEO: we set up tools that allow you to quickly optimize your site for SEO promotion on Google
  6. «Domain» and «Hosting» purchases
    - we choose a not registered «domain» or website address (for example,; the price for the renewal is about $15/year);
    - we place the website on «hosting» (the server space from where your website will be loaded; the price for the renewal is about $17/year).
  7. Testing. We test the entire website operation.
    - script and images compression;
    - boosting page loading speed;
    - caching setting;
    - backup schedule setting.
  8. Video tutorials. We are shooting personal video tutorials about website management.
    - we will shoot a dedicated video tutorial on how to quickly change the information in the right block of the website;
    - up to 10 video tutorials.

Why do you need a website?

These days the website is one of the most effective marketing instruments. This is a quick and appropriate way to present information about a company to its potential customers or partners. It is important to note that a website developed for commercial reasons is an advertisement that works non-stop (24/7) and is available to the audience from anywhere around the world! There is no instrument that could have such properties. All companies need to have a website, regardless of what they do or produce!

Through a website you can always bring to the client all the necessary information about yourself or your company (this information should be meaningful, convincing and according to the arguments). The stylish modern design will create the right impression and will gain a potential audience. The selection of required blocks on each page, their sequence and method of presentation will ensure the interest and desire for future cooperation.

We use the latest technologies and scripts to write the necessary code so that the website has fast loading speed, is quite efficient and capable to sell.

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