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The Best Site Company offers the development of a data portal of any complexity level. We are ready to offer a variety of solutions for articles arrangement in various sections of the website. The depth of the nesting levels is almost unlimited. Using slides, scrolling, tabs, pop-ups, etc., we can ensure the effective presentation of your material in an understandable appearance to users, while ensuring the fulfillment of the tasks on the website.

The data portal is widely used today. Let's consider for what and whom it may be relevant:

  • Media
  • Commercial companies, in order to attract the interested audience
  • Entertainment purposes with monetization on advertising
  • Organizations engaged in propaganda of ideologies or theories
  • Newspapers and various publishers, as an alternative content channel
  • Video portals
  • Photo portals
  • Content selling
  • Integrated functional resource with mail, news, affiliate program, advertising, etc.

The range of opportunities has no end. If you want to use the site for your own purposes by attracting clients through a constant current stream of content on a specific subject, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will make a featured website that would fulfill your tasks.

Price and Terms

Price - from 1100$. Price depends on the planned number of categories, the complexity of the features, levels of nesting pages and other details.

Terms - 6-10 weeks. The speed of performing the task depends on how constructive our discussion is, how fast each stage of work is approved, the presence and complexity of intermediate revisions.

Examples of data portals developed by us

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Use of data portal

Data portal is mainly used to attract and retain a large flow of website visitors in order to earn money on:

  • Google advertising
  • providing own services to attracted audiences
  • paid subscription to the newsletter emailing
  • selling advertising platforms for a certain period
  • paid access to a closed content group
  • paid download of information archives
  • etc.

Nowadays it became possible to sell any relevant information that is well packaged and structured to the needs of the client (video tutorials, seminars, text and e-books, entertainment materials, news, life hacks, leisure, etc.). You can configure different rights and opportunities for content managers or site managers in admin panel. Teamwork in the web portal brings great opportunities for traffic and the growing popularity of the resource as a whole.


The main difference from other websites is a large amount of information and large category nesting levels. There may be a lot of topics or solely one but divided into subgroups. The depth of the hierarchy of content can be built as one desires. The admin panel of the site is specially designed for easy management and filtering the material for categories, parameters, etc.

It is advised to draw up the most relevant articles, banners, news, etc. on the Home page. There are no tough criteria here. You can make multi-level menu with drop-down lists of internal pages. The website structure is important to optimize under the search engines to reach well website promotion, quick load and convenience for visitors.

Main features

The full-fledged data portals often contain the following elements:

  1. Hot news
  2. List of available portal categories (topics)
  3. Hype banners or don’t miss to read
  4. Category filter or tabs with drop-down blocks
  5. Subscription form
  6. Voting with the results for all participants
  7. Useful services (weather, currency converter and exchange rate, stock growth schedule, etc.)
  8. Ratings (politicians, TV channels, companies, products)
  9. Databases of enterprises or private professionals
  10. Portal offers for advertising
  11. Cooperation programs for partners
  12. Mail with a personal mailbox, login, mail service features
  13. Review of the week with the latest material
  14. TV channels
  15. Translators

Control systems

We can offer the following management systems to develop a data portal from scratch:

  1. WordPress
  2. Joomla
  3. ModX

SEO use

Information portals are characterized by a large amount of content, which is the most important for SEO. A well-conducted internal optimization of the website for the necessary search queries will ensure a good indexing of the website in search engines. External promotion will ensure growth and bring your website to the TOP 10, 5 and 3 in Google.

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How we work

  1. Drafting. Scheme of blocks development for the entire page; discussion of their necessity, efficiency and alternativeness. We start sketching on a paper and end up with developed software schemes.
    - discussion of the structure, changes, choosing the best solution.
    - at this stage you can already understand the final result of the project and will not be bothered, knowing that everything will be as it should.
  2. Design. Development based on an approved page layout. We use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.
    - design style concept development - the upper blocks; there are several options here (colors, elements, icons, fonts, photo bank images, etc.)
    - having selected a design concept, we get ready with the remaining blocks of the page. We make changes until it is approved.
  3. Layout. Turning a design concept into a live page.
    - the most up-to-date technologies are used (html, css, javascript, ajax, php, frameworks). Making changes and getting approval.
    - website customization for phones and tablets (for all screen resolutions, phone models and version specifics of android, ios, etc.)
  4. Control system integration. Admin panel installation. As a control system, we offer WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, ModX.
    - we arrange the admin panel so that you can easily manage a website without having any technical skills.
  5. Content filling.
    - we do the basic content filling of the goods (if there are not more than 20 goods we do the entire filling).
    - SEO: we set up tools that allow you to quickly optimize your site for SEO promotion on Google
  6. Domain and Hosting purchases
    - we choose a not registered domain or website address (for example,; the price for the renewal is about $15/year);
    - we place the website on hosting (the server space from where your website will be loaded; the price for the renewal is about $17/year).
  7. Testing. We test the entire website operation.
    - script and images compression;
    - boosting page loading speed;
    - caching setting;
    - backup schedule setting.
  8. Video tutorials. We are shooting personal video tutorials about website management.
    - we will shoot a dedicated video tutorial on how to quickly change the information in the right block of the website;
    - from 10 to 20 personal video tutorials.

We value our reputation and do our work so that people recommend us to their colleagues.
Get in touch with us, we will be glad to work with you!

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data portal

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