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The Best Site Company is greatly experienced in the development of online stores of any complexity level. We have experience in implementing almost any up-to-date feature set to increase the level of sales of goods and services. Our clients have been using sites for years, the turnover of which exceed millions in native currency.

Price and Terms

Price - from 800$. Depends on the complexity of the features, the number of blocks, small software parts, not standard tasks.

Terms - 4-8 weeks. Everything depends on the complexity of the task. The speed of performing the task also depends on how constructive our discussion is, the number of pages needed, the quality of the material provided.

Examples of online stores developed by us

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Online stores are becoming one of the most effective e-commerce tools. The reason for this was a number of reliable opportunities:

Opportunities for buyer:

  • The opportunity for buying goods at home
  • Access to an unlimited range of products
  • The ability to examine the goods before buying them (due to the detailed description of the parameters, instructions, etc.)
  • The opportunity for buying goods at discount or promotion (flexible unlimited filters)
  • The opportunity for buying bulk goods at a cheaper price
  • Choosing a convenient delivery method
  • Choosing a convenient payment method
  • Opportunity to accumulate discounts due to increased sales
  • The opportunity to compare similar products by all parameters
  • The ability to quickly place an order, by logging into your personal account
  • The ability to track your favorite products, and then choose the ones you need to buy
  • The possibility of ordering 1 product in a single click or many products through the basket
  • The ability to watch a video presentation of the product
  • The ability to track purchase history and quickly make re-order

Opportunities for seller:

  • No restrictions on the range and quantity of goods
  • Flexible product clearance
  • Video presentation of the goods
  • Ability to store goods (remaining, availability)
  • Ability to create product filtering by price, availability, brand and parameters
  • integration
  • The ability to integrate CRM-systems
  • The ability to communicate with customers through online chat
  • Price change depending on parameters or quantity of goods, as well as running promos
  • The ability to import / export products in Excel
  • The ability to quickly process orders and have direct contact with the buyer
  • Max delivery automation by Novaya Pochta
  • Wholesale and retail options
  • The ability to favor customers due to saving system
  • SEO automation for creating links and tags (for any filter parameters) for successful promotion on Google.
  • Ability to analyze the sales reports and product views
  • Quick analysis of sales, cost, profit, profitability
  • Ability to promote your online store to the top in Google (SEO) + use any advertising

Use of online stores

An online store, as a special type of website is good for wholesale and retail sales of goods and services. Nowadays it became possible to sell even digital goods (training courses, video tutorials, e-books), etc. The online store provides a complete process of buying goods, starting with visiting the website and ending up having your account purchases history. Online store is well promoted in Google with the help of SEO (search engine optimization, the website optimization). You can use pay-per-click advertising, integration with social networks, , CRM systems.

The development of an online store takes from 4 to 10 weeks, depending on the complexity levels.


The main difference from other sites is the possibility of bulk automatic sale of goods and services. The site consists of a set of product pages, product categories, shopping carts, order placement page, personal account, etc. The website admin panel is specially created to easily manage goods, orders, customers, etc.

It will be good to design the Home page according to the landing page principle adding 5 to 10 blocks special offers, top sales, scrolings , new products, as well as sections with company numbers.

  • New Products sliders, Top Sales, Promotions, Recommended products
  • Slideshow with Promotions and discounts
  • Special offers with a timer
  • Mini shopping cart
  • Store results in numbers
  • Store advantages
  • Customer reviews
  • Shipping and payment methods
  • Licenses or Certificates
  • Call back
  • Capture forms

These points can be changed or amended, depending on the needs of the company. The availability of calculator services, filters, extraordinary programming - everything can be done according to an agreed technical task.

Internal pages have a list of standard and additional pages, or individual. The standard ones include:

  • Product List - product category pages, with filters (or brand, search, or discounted product page)
  • Product - product detail page
  • Shopping Cart – page that shows selected products
  • Order placement - delivery methods, payment, fields to enter shipping address, personal data
  • Product Comparison - product comparison page
  • About store
  • Customer reviews
  • Shipping and payment methods
  • Licenses or Certificates
  • Personal account
  • Buyer details
  • Deferred, or preferred items
  • Purchase history
  • News subscription
  • List of shipping addresses
  • Other standard pages

Main features

Full-fledged online stores can use all possible up-to-date features and effects. The main and mandatory ones are the following:

  1. Product List Page
  2. Product page
  3. Quick order or shopping cart
  4. Filter or product selection
  5. Product comparison chart
  6. Shipping and payment methods
  7. Personal account
  8. Social networks authorization
  9. Purchase history
  10. Wholesale and retail prices
  11. Discounts depending on the number of purchases
  12. Promo counters
  13. Pop-ups (special offers, urgent information, promos)

Control systems

We can offer the following to develop an online store from scratch:

  1. OpenCart
  2. WooCommerce (WordPress)
  3. VirtueMart (Joomla)
  4. Magento
  5. Shopify
  6. PrestaShop

SEO use

From the point of view of «SEO», this type of website is well promoted due to its deep and dynamic content. To achieve good results in promotion, it is important to qualitatively optimize the website from inside (both the structure and the quality of the page code). This is done under the selected key requests. The online store can be quickly and flexibly customized for requests without changing the overall structure and content. Read more details on SEO on the Website Promotion page.

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How we work

  1. Drafting. Scheme of blocks development for the entire page; discussion of their necessity, efficiency and alternativeness. We start sketching on a paper and end up with developed software schemes.
    - discussion of the structure, changes, choosing the best solution.
    - at this stage you can already understand the final result of the project and will not be bothered, knowing that everything will be as it should.
  2. Design. Development based on an approved page layout. We use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.
    - design style concept development - the upper blocks; there are several options here (colors, elements, icons, fonts, photo bank images, etc.)
    - having selected a design concept, we get ready with the remaining blocks of the page. We make changes until it is approved.
  3. Layout. Turning a design concept into a live page.
    - the most up-to-date technologies are used (html, css, javascript, ajax, php, frameworks). Making changes and getting approval.
    - website customization for phones and tablets (for all screen resolutions, phone models and version specifics of android, ios, etc.)
  4. Control system integration. Admin panel installation. As a control system, we offer OpenCart, Woocommerce (WordPress), Virtuemart (Joomla), Magento, Shopify, Prestashop.
    - we arrange the admin panel so that you can easily manage a website without having any technical skills.
  5. Content filling.
    - we do the basic content filling of the goods (if there are not more than 20 goods we do the entire filling).
    - SEO: we set up tools that allow you to quickly optimize your site for SEO promotion on Google
  6. Domain and Hosting purchases
    - we choose a not registered domain or website address (for example,; the price for the renewal is about $15/year);
    - we place the website on hosting (the server space from where your website will be loaded; the price for the renewal is about $17/year).
  7. Testing. We test the entire website operation.
    - script and images compression;
    - boosting page loading speed;
    - caching setting;
    - backup schedule setting.
  8. Video tutorials. We are shooting personal video tutorials about website management.
    - we will shoot a dedicated video tutorial on how to quickly change the information in the right block of the website;
    - from 10 to 20 personal video tutorials.

We value our reputation and do our work so that people recommend us to their colleagues.
Get in touch with us, we will be glad to work with you!

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