The Best Site Company is happy to offer you a website promotion on Google via SEO optimization.

The goal is to link your website with customers using search engines.
The solution is to bring the link to your website to the first positions in the Google search results, under the search queries (keywords) made by the client.

SEO (search engine optimization) is the optimization and website promotion in search engines according to the list of keywords.

Prices and Terms

Price - from 200$/month. The larger the budget, the more keywords we take and proportionally deliver a better result.

The terms depend on the type of search queries (keywords): low-frequency, mid-frequency and high-frequency.

Low-frequency queries are promoted most rapidly, but have the least popularity. These requests are the most targeted and least competitive, therefore it is easiest to work with them. For example, people search «best beauty salons in new york city» 30 times/month.

Mid-frequency queries are promoted averagely and have moderate popularity.

High-frequency are the longest to be promoted, but have high popularity (for example, 27,000 times/month people search to «beauty salon nearby me»).

Terms for promotion
Low-frequency queries
(10-100 requests / month.)
«best beauty salons in new york city»
2-3 months
TOP 10 Google
Mid-frequency queries
(100-1000 requests / month.)
«beauty salon in new york city»
3-6 months
TOP 10 Google
(from 1000 requests / month.)
«beauty salon»,
«beauty salon nearby me»
from 6 months
TOP 10 Google

*Some requests immediately go to the TOP 5, 3.

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website SEO promotion

How it works?

Each company sells, produces or provides services. Suppose you are a massage therapist. Your potential client wants to find a massage specialist. He goes to Google search engine and searches for a company where he can «order a massage». The search engine gives him a list of links to websites according to his query. All these links (to sites) belong to the companies that provide massage services. If the client is satisfied with your offer, he will order a massage from you.

Now the technical part. On one page of the search results there are 10 links (results) for the client to choose from (+ advertising announcements). There are immeasurable amount of search results. The client can review many offers or order from the first he sees. According to statistics, more than 80% of customers make their choice on the first page. Out of 10 offers (references), the first 5 are the most viewed and immediately find a suitable option in terms of price and quality. Out of these 5 the first 3 are viewed most of all. Accordingly, the first 10, 5 and 3 positions of links are called TOP 10, 5, 3 in Google. Further, in order not to search for a long time, the client can enter a more targeted and low-frequency request to «order a massage in New York Manhattan» or to «order a massage in New York Manhattan». The search engine will give him fewer results, this time, there are less massage specialists in Bessarabka and the total number of massage specialists. But the offer he finds in Bessarabka will be exactly what the customer looks for.

Thus, all requests can be divided into conditional groups: low-frequency (most targeted), mid-frequency and high-frequency (comprehensive requests). Low-frequency queries are the easiest to promote, since they have the least competition. To promote the site by high-frequency requests (for example, «massage»), it is better to start first with low-frequency (for example, «order a massage in New York Manhattan») and only after successfully promoting them, you can go with mid and then high-frequency ones. You need to understand the theory of the search engine, but it is much more important to have a real experience in website promotion and show good results in your work.

Economic effect

There is a general cost dynamics of attracting a client through contextual advertising, contextual advertising and SEO optimization. Let’s consider the scheme below:

Thus, SEO has a long-term economic effect, which is to save the cost of attracting a client. First, the costs are higher than in context advertising, but then they are times lower. Further SEO optimization will have relatively moderate costs, but it will be able to attract traffic traffic to the website the same way and increase calls, requests and sales of your company.

Website promotion strategies

There are two general strategies for website promotion in search engines: integrated promotion and phased enter to the TOP:

Comprehensive promotion:
- 1-10 high-frequency queries;
- 10-100 mid-frequency queries;
- 100-1000 low-frequency queries.

Phased enter in the TOP:
- Low-frequency promotion in the first stage;
- Mid-frequency promotion in 3-4 months or enter in the TOP of low-frequency queries;
- High-frequency promotion in 6-9 months after the launch of search promotion;
- Gradual increase in queries of all levels

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Scheme of work

Our company has extensive practical experience in website promotion. Therefore, today we offer the most correct approach from our experience:

  1. Analysis (audit):
    - company's activities, key features, advantages;
    - current and average demand for goods or customer services in search engines;
    - the level of competition in the market, the closest competitors.
  2. Creation of semantic core (keywords):
    - selection of suitable keywords relate to company’s business;
    - assessment of the frequency of keywords and their current competition;
    - splitting keywords into groups and according to landing pages;
    - selection of suitable requests under the chosen promotion budget.
  3. Internal website optimization. This is a technical website adjustment in order to improve its perception by the search engine, under the selected key requests:
    - Page structure adjustment;
    - Copywriting or rewriting;
    - Technical fixes of the code;
    - Adding the necessary files for the insertion;
    - Theme tags, headers and other website tag correction.
  4. External website optimization. This is the main and long-term work to promote the positions of the site for selected requests:
    - build-up of linking mass (strategy and quality of work with links);
    - necessary resources and search engines registration;
    - constant analysis, growth plans compliance, adding effort if required;
    - adding ranking factors to the internal optimization.
  5. Analysis of the achievement of results. Scale targets:
    - adding new request groups for promotion;
    - adding landing pages for promotion;
    - promotion to TOP 5, 3;
    - maintain promotion results;
    - change goals if required.

SEO-promotion is quite difficult and long. But it is justified economically, in comparison with the usual context advertising or many other ways that require instant payment.

Who needs website promotion?

Website promotion is needed for any website owner (company or individual) who is committed to increasing website traffic. Everyone has his/her own goals:

- sell goods and services through the website;
- attract visitors and make money on advertising;
- promote and monetize a useful service;
- etc.

- attract new members to your organization;
- to promote a data portal for the purpose of its further sale;
- to attract visitors to the exhibition, festival, meetings by interests;
- etc.

Our company has extensive experience in promoting websites and achieving the desired results. We have promoted a lot of companies with bad and good results. Now our skills and the approach that has been developed over the years allow us to promote websites as effectively as it is possible from completely different niches, areas and markets.

We value our reputation and do our work so that people recommend us to their colleagues.
Get in touch with us, we will be glad to work with you!

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website SEO promotion

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