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Our company offers an update of your website’s protocol from http to secure https. You will see a lock next to the URL bar. We will also link it to the ssl certificate.

This is how modern browsers detect that you are on a website that doesn't use SSL encryption. Thus, you see an alert of non secure and just a http protocol on a website.

After the instalation you will see how browsers detect that you are on a website that uses SSL encryption. Thus, the lock and https are clear signs that show your privacy security on a website.

Price and Terms

Price - 25$ / full installation https, ssl sertificate and all the technical settings of a website.

Terms - 2 days / installation + server update.

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Why should you use secured https protocol?

  1. An important criterion for SEO

In January 2017 Google officially announced, that websites that have data input fields, passwords or any payment information that will be transferred through an http connection will be marked as unsafe. The availability of an SSL certificate is a ranking factor today, that’s why the importance of https protocol will be increasing with time.

Moreover, Google Analytics blocked referral data from https to http. Thus, if you have a website that uses the old protocol and you get a lot of links from websites that use https, you will not see it correctly in your web analytics. Thus, you may not be aware of platforms that send you a lot of traffic and lose money when you expand your marketing channels.

  1. The website processes confidential information

If you own an online store that processes credit card information or similar sensitive data, going to your website through https protocol is a must. Customers want to trust your website, and they should have that opportunity.

For example, if someone uses a public Wi-Fi hotspot to go on an unprotected website, others can steal billing information. If they use this information to steal from your client, do you think this person will visit your website again?

Without https it is also possible to change the data that your visitors receive. Thus, a third party may add advertising, malware or other things.

  1. https means reliability and authenticity

As for visitors: because of the common desire to adapt https on the network, encryption has become a phenomenon that clients often expect to see on your website. In fact, by now 28.9% of users pay attention to the green URL bar in their browser, and more and more people are looking there.

Thus, if visitors have a choice between your website without https and a competitor who integrated it is likely they won’t go on your website. Moreover, the main browsers (like Chrome, Firefox) now mark unsafe sites, that have input forms pages and don’t use https protocol.

  1. Faster loading time

https loads much faster, which also affects SEO, because page loading speed is a ranking factor. Visitors also pay attention to loading time. In fact, most users will leave your website if it does not load within three seconds.

How does data encryption work?

Let's find out what https is and who needs to integrate it. https is a secure protocol, because it uses an SSL certificate (Secure Socket Layer) to establish a connection between the browser and the server. This means that any information exchanged becomes. Encryption is the process of replacing simple textual information (for example, user names and passwords) with random numbers and letters. Thus, they are no longer readable by people, and it is extremely difficult to trace if someone intercepts them.

When transmitting data through a website with the https protocol, they are protected by 3 levels:

  • Authentication. This is a guarantee of using this particular website, and not any other phishing resource.
  • Encryption. This is a direct increased security of transmitted data.
  • Integrity. This is the preservation of information in the data transfer process, without any chance to replace or distort it.

Securing the website and its traffic is one of the most important issues for any website owner. It’s coming to the point that all visitors will trust their confidential information only if they are sure of its protection. Https limits the risk of data being intercepted by hackers. https and SSL are special tools that help achieve this goal.

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How do we setup the https protocol?

All the work on setting https is done through hosting. The process can be divided into several steps:

  1. Order a certificate and install ssl encryption;
  2. Setting up website configs;
  3. Setting up the website indexing files like .htaccess, robots.txt, sitemap.xml;
  4. Setting up all link redirections to files, images, scripts;
  5. Waiting for protocol update;
  6. Checking to avoid pages with mixed content (mixed_content).

So, the setup process takes time, requires theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as accuracy and testing of all intriguing points. Our team has got all these qualities and skills. Contact us and we will be more than happy to improve the quality of your website by means of https protocol (ssl).

We value our reputation and do our work so that people recommend us to their colleagues.
Get in touch with us, we will be glad to work with you!

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https protocol integration

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