Website adaptation for phones and tablets

We would like to offer the website adaptation for mobile devices:

  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops and netbooks
  • PC
  • other gadgets

Purposes and advantages

Google’s rigid criterion (it is a necessity today). - Hide..
In April 2015 Google made an announcement about websites that do not have a mobile version or they are not adapted for mobile devices, could fall from their positions in the searching results. In other words, if the website looks the same on a computer and a mobile phone (e.g. with same size for 1024 px), Google web searcher will consider that kind of site uncomfortable for viewing from mobile (mobile phone’s display is much smaller and Google will put your website lower, as non-recommended
Increasing of website traffic and orders. - Show all..
If it is comfortable to look through the website using the smartphone and there is a currently important content - the amount of visitors will definitely increase. Time for searching is always terminated, and people got used to get everything fast. The visitor either breaks head over the website either opens another one where he can find everything fast and be satisfied. Rigid but objective criterion
Readability and understanding the implication of the information instinctively - Show all..
It is very important for a visitor: if the website is readable on a mobile (tablet), if it is comfortable for viewing. If the first impression is good - it is a part of success! Then, surfing on a site user will pay his attention to other blocks (pages). If they are designed carelessly - the user will feel edgy and leave the page. Today the “quality” of these “indexes” instinctively tells about resource’s importance in general
Retrieval rate of necessary information on the Internet - Show all..
Every user visiting a new website makes a decision during 3 or 4 seconds: “To stay on this page or to leave and find something more interesting” - these are his first thoughts. If the page loads too long or the blocks are deformed, or the website is not adapted for mobile phones at all - the user realizes that he will get tired while viewing it
World trend. - Show all..
Due to violent increase of technical progress and IT development, the question of choice of searching the information source is one of the most important. The website adaptation for mobile phones allows the comfort of viewing it and makes a good impression. The site providing these points is always going to be popular and highly increase it’s attendance. The results will make sense.

As a result the order of website adaptation for mobilesis grounded and coordinated decision (especially in view of Internet development perspectives).

The main adaptation follower is a Google robot! He punishes the websites that don’t meet the requirements (putting them lower in ratings.

*other searching systems start to recommend this process.

Cost and time frames

Just now (ordering until the 20th of August):

Landing page
(standard price: $200)
up to 6 days
Multipage website
(standard price: $280)
up to 10 days
Online store
(standard price: $350)
up to 15 days

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Actuality for today

The actuality of this procedure for now and for the future is obvious:

1. For mobile traffic will increase 8 times by 2020 year. This is a prediction of the key Ukrainian portal’s marketing specialists

2. There is high increase of users in Russia, visiting russian websites from devices operated by OS Android. As we can see from summer 2014 till summer 2016 the growth has tripled.


3. 77% of adults use smartphones in the USA. For most of them mobile device is the only way to access the Internet from home..

There is the same trend in Russia!

There are unlimited amount of “reasons” of actuality of websites adaptation for mobile devices on the Internet.

Our advantages

6 years

of working experience
  • - we take into account the specifics of different mobile devices and OS versions (operating systems);
  • - we test the product before delivery;
  • - every project is done with a soul.

  • - we take into account modern approaches to adaptation;
  • - HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Ajax, PHP, frameworks;
  • - WordPress, Joomla, Open Cart, etc.;
  • - cashing, speed of pages loading;
  • - code fixing.

was adapted
  • - on different technologies;
  • - different difficulty level from a landing to a portal;
  • - the design and structure are made based on customer’s business specific.
  • - website’s backupping before
    the adaptation;
  • - making the adaptation,
    loading to a current website is only after checking;
  • - no risks at all, you’ll get guaranteed results.

How do we work

We can offer an agreement contract or online servicefor guaranteed deals (they take some

*you will always sleep tight knowing that you will be satisfied by the work and pay only after you check the result

Flexible ways of payments Visa/MasterCard, YandexMoney, Webmoney, Qiwi etc.

Flexible ways of communication: Phone, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Email.

Get a consultation

a consultation of website adaptation

The process of adaptation

Today, due to our experience, we decided to strictly follow these action sequence:

  1. Preparatory analysis of current website condition
  2. Assessment ways of adaptation of every block (discussing with you).
  3. Making the adaptation on a reserved copy of the websit (user will not notice anything).
  4. Checking the result, testing on different gadgets
  5. Installation of the adaptation on your current website
  6. You’re leaving the review on our website (recommended).

Foundations of adaptation

To satisfy our customers’ expectations we work due to the following foundations:

  • Accounting all displays ranges: from 320px wide (minimum for a smartphone).
  • Maximum saving of letters size for its readability (the visitor will be satisfied).
  • Optimized size of the buttons (the visitor will not get tired of digging on the display not finding the right one).
  • We do not hide any blocks (there are some companies who hide important blocks while making the adaptation, we stand for saving of all the information, but is depends on the customer wishes).
  • We offer few solutions rolling up The long “menu” :
  • Small icon,
    as designed



    Rolling up
    from below

  • We transform site blocks in a balance with logic, semantics and priority of the information.
  • We check on objective comfort of using on mobile devices (cooperative on editing).

We value our reputation and do our work so that people recommend us to their colleagues.
Get in touch with us, we will be glad to work with you!

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website adaptation

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